The chitarra atiorbata and guitare-theorbee

Giovanni Battista Granata’s fourth book of music for five-course guitar,  Soave concenti di sonate musicali, printed in Bologna in 1659, includes five pieces for the chittarra atiorbata and the manuscript Pieces de guittarre de differendes autheures recueillis par Henry François de Gallot, (GB-Ob Ms.Mus.Sch.C94), copied between 1660-70, twelve pieces for the guittare theorbée. It has often been assumed that these pieces are intended to be played on the same instrument.  However significant differences in the way the two instruments are tuned and strung suggests that the music in these sources is intended for two different instruments.  In this study the relevant evidence is surveyed and the other principal sources of information about theorboed guitars examined. A staff notation transcription of all the music for the guittare theorbée and for mandore from the Gallot manuscript is included.

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The Theorboed Guitar

Two of the pieces by Granata played by Rob Mackillop can be heard in the following link