My Periodical Articles

In this section I hope to include pdf’s of articles which I have had published in various periodicals over the past few years. Some of them are not very easy to get hold of in the original format so I hope this will be a useful resource.


Cifras Article

This is an article which June Yakeley and I wrote about Spanish chord notations included in Lute 1995.  Although it may be a bit out of date now no one has published a comprehensive article on the topic in English since – as far as I know.


This article was included in Early Music, Vol. 5, no.1, January, 1977 in the series “Performing early music on record” . It is a survey of recordings of music from the vihuela repertoire (not all played on the vihuela!) available on long playing records at the time.


This detailed study of Amat’s “Guitarra espanola” appeared in Early Music, Vol. 6 no. 3 July 1978.


This was included in Classical Guitar in 1984/1988. It is a bit out of date insofar as it was written before the discovery of “Cifras selectas” in Chile but most of it is still relevant today.


In September 1999 the Lute Society held a meeting focusing on plucked strings as continuo instruments. This is a write up of a paper I contributed on the role of the 5-course guitar in this context. It was included, along with the other contributions, in Lute News no. 52, December 1999.