The only full length study of Corbetta is Richard Pinnell’s doctoral dissertation The role of Francesco Corbetta (1615-1681) in the history of music for the baroque guitar completed in 1976 and subsequently published by UMI Research Press ca. 1980  with the title Francesco Corbetta and the baroque guitar with a transcription of his works.   This covers a lot ground in a general way but is  now very out of date.

This study is an attempt to give a more  focused account of Corbetta’s  life and work.   The main part of it comprises English translations of the introductions to his books with detailed commentaries on the wealth of information which these include.


Corbetta Contents

Corbetta Section I

Corbetta Section II

Corbetta Section III Revised

Corbetta Section IV

Corbetta Section V

Corbetta Section VI Part-1

Corbetta Section VI Part 2

Corbetta Section VI Part 3

Corbetta Section VI Part 4

Corbetta Section VI Part 5

Corbetta – Liege Edition